The middle flower is one of the lovely mountain wildies given by my friends Rohit and Pankaj… my co-creators of art these days. The other 2 are the flowers i saw, to my complete surprise, in our compost pile one morning. Guess what they are 😉

Namana’s (Z’s cool new name for Nainamma, Ravi’s mom) house has the anything-goes-balcony space for those free-ing moments of play. Today Namana gave Z an old tape cassette. She pulled long shiny magnetic tape out of it by the yards. Then Raghu decided to join in. Together they made a cats cradle like web structure, a trap, between 2 pillars. By then the tape was empty and not as much fun. Z got a pair of scissors and R proceeded to cut me loose (i was posing as the victim trapped in the magnetic tape web) Namana and I had fun watching them play like this. The balcony was littered with magnetic tape bits… and our morning started on a lovely note.

In the past this very balcony of Namana’s has been used as brick pounding region, paper clip sculpture area and general water war zone area. Rock on Namana-Balcony and Namana’s ‘let them do it’ attitude !!

This is a pic of our Balcony… with the water sheets and a part of the Pirate Ship Wagon. More on this in another post.