Blog name hiccups

Ah there we have it… Don’t ask how… but when i transferred ‘TheBharadwajKnights’ over from Blogger into WordPress, i deleted a site address, thinking well… i won’t bore you with the details…It did not end well.  On the bright side, I successfully transferred all my photos and videos and posts, all the way from 2007!!!

So the site address will be The Bharadwaj Shine and the title will be The Bharadwaj Knights. Its all good cause the content is more important than what its called.

What is it about Knights and Shine, you ask?  Well, I felt like we were Knights journeying into the unknown, way back in 2007.  Years later I stumbled on our east coast ;Shine with Unschooling’ community/groups and fell in love with the word ‘Shine’.  Thats all. Its all Shiny either way.



Restarting this blog with a few recent photos.

Zoya and Avni figuring out stop animation and silly string. I love sudden immersions. 

My super niece Avni turned 8 and we created an art piece to celebrate it. 

Movie theater fun.  We watched Coco and fell in love with it. Avni’s birthday request. 

These 3! So grateful for the connections they share.