It was 18th Oct, my birthday. I told Raghu i completed 34 years that day. He said “you are so old” I laughed and was about to say something when he came back with: “Soon you will have grandchildren” So i laughingly and unthinkingly said to him… “for me to become a grandmother… you will need to get married and have kids first”
Pat came his response: “No…. first i have to meet some one” I gulped over this and said “yes then you’d have to marry and have children…right?” To which he said: “No… then i will adopt children” This conversation was the best gift i could have asked for that day.

Raghu is our biological child and Zoya is our adopted child. And Raghu is aware of this and remembers bringing Zoya home clearly. But this was the first time he’d ever said anything about how a family can be formed outside of the traditional way. He is already aware of how a biological family is formed and hence i’d say this dialogue came from some level of understanding within him.