Dosas IHOP style

How to make desi pancakes … especially when you are running out of pancake flour and don’t like home-made batter because of the egg factor….

Spread fermented dosa batter onto hot skillet… sprinkle Cinnamon sugar once it is completely cooked. Flip onto plate and add maple syrup… yummmm.

Off late raghu is off indian food… so by making these sweet cinnamon and savory dosas… both Raghu’s pancake cravings and Zoya’s savory dosa cravings were satisfied.

Z cracks us up.

Zoya was playing with Raghu’s DS Nintendo a bit. We were getting ready to go out. Z looked up and said, “I will jus die quickly and then come with you… ok?.” LOL She picks up all the things Raghu says and uses them in the funniest of contexts 🙂

For those of you who did not get the joke…. While playing his video game (DS) Raghu will often say something about his character dying etc.

"Find the part where i marry myself"

Raghu has never, ever played a board game until this past week. I mean he may pull one out and set it up and roll the dice once… but thats tops. I love board games, cooperative or otherwise. I’m not very competitive by nature. But i do love Cluedo, figuring out how much money i can make in Monopoly, coming up with unusual words in Scrabble etc. So i was really waiting for raghu to start playing them with me.

Anyway.. time passed… and this past week raghu pulled out “Caves and Claws” a cooperative game. To my surprise he set it up, allowed me enough time to read the instructions, wanted to play by the rules (he could have made it up as he went along like his usual calvin-ball-esque games) and completely enjoyed every step of the game. It was amazing to watch.

Now to explain the title…. He asked to play “Life”. he had played it once when his cousins were playing it. He only remembered it as that “car” game. So we set it up… again he was patient and wanted everything just so. Then we played it… and it was hilarious. He went to college before me, married and had about 5 kids in the course of the game… all ahead of me. Here i thought that those things might not appeal to him… But nope… he loved it all. At a later stage in the game he had to pay 50,000$ per child (and he had 5!!) for their college tuition. Now all along he was thrilled that he had a $100,000 yearly pay. He loved collecting payday. so i thought perhaps he’d balk at this turn. But he simply said “Sure, no problem… i love helping my children out” LOL i was ready to roll on the floor.

At another turn he was on a space that said “vacation time with family at Colorado, pay X $s” Again he said “Oh so cool… i get to take a vacation with my wife and kids”. So funny, lovely and sweet. Today he said “can we play Life again? I want to find the part where i marry myself” LOL

Of Tingaleels and I-creeme

Zoya has been enjoying new words a lot lately. She went around saying Tingaleel yesterday… which i figured out after several minutes of head shaking meant Triangle 🙂

Zoya has been on a diet of popsicles, icecream, nutella (hazlenut-choco spread.. eaten by Z straight up), dark chocolate, rice, daal and some chicken sausages/franks and chapatis. Also lots of juice, milk, water and icecubes. can you make out its hot here? Both kids are avoiding food and subsisting on things that make them cool. Also they both walk around with salt in their palms… licking it up. Yep its hot, dusty and makes you want to stay in the pool all day.

Zoya is talking up a storm. She is very keen to tell us stories about her day and things she experiences. she will say interesting things like “don’t cover my belly button” (when i’m putting on her skirt). When i ask her why… she says “bekkos then i cannot find it” LOL

She has been trying to imitate Raghu when he talks to me. So if he starts off with “guess what amma…” Then you can hear Zoya pipe in quickly even as Raghu tells his story “Guss waat amma” its very cute until raghu gets bugged 🙂

Ah… life is good. I have been enjoying a dip in teh pool with kids for the past week almost everyday. so refreshing. Z loves standing under the little waterfall in the baby pool (2 feet deep)… and dunking herself. She comes up spluttering but will do it over and over.

Raghu has cracked the code in the DS transformers and is enjoying himself. he is so joyous and excited by his abilities to get to new levels in the game. I hope to get a DS for myself and play mario or something with him. ravi is researching Wii and others. Need to decide soon…. as the DS is not so great for continuous playing. Although Raghu now automatially takes a 15 min break after an hour of playing… i’d explained to him after one of his marathon runs that it might affect his eyesight… and read the DS guide to him. Lovely how dialogue and logic make sense to him… becasue he trusts us. We don’t have to coerce or bully him. He listens, talks, debates back and will willingly do things to make a solution happen.

have i said lately how much i love this way of living? RU rocks.

About our helper….

Hidden in the background of the second photo posted in the post below…. is a young lady of 17. Her name is Roopa. She is my helper. Affording helpers here in India is easy for most everyone. She has been with us for the past several months. We must be doing something right by her… and her by us… because last evening after Zoya’s 3rd birthday party (YAHOOO… my little Zee is three 🙂 Roopa told me that she had a better offer elsewhere… BUT she turned them down. She said she would not go to another home even if the offer was better. As she is very content with us!

She works for us from 9:30am till 5:30pm everyday except Sunday. We live in a city that is very, very dusty. We have layers of dust on everything everyday! So cleaning the floors, tables, shelves etc becomes imperative on an every day basis. Vacuums are of no use here. Roopa also does the dishes and laundry for us. And if i need to step out for a quick errand… the kids actually prefer to stay with her at home and avoid the heat outside… sometimes. And Roopa is a playful being with the children. Also, Roopa and I have a lovely understanding. If she needs a day off… its fine.. and if i need her to stay a little extra or change her timings then she adapts.

Roopa plans to learn tailoring professionally. There are many like her here in India…. working from a young age and unable to go to school etc. Roopa however was educated till age 15. Then she left to do odd-jobs to help out her family. We are hoping to support her tailoring interests.

Have been meaning to write about her… as she is now a part of our day. Mostly her being around helps me so much… as Ravi is unable to devote any time to house-work. Having her around has been an immense help. Radically Unschooling and deschooling myself has been a huge lifestyle change. And Roopa has been able to help me during the big messes that happen so often all over our apartment.