Edit of a past-post:

I am adding a preamble to a past-post based on some comments i got about it. The original post is placed below the preamble.:

“Got it” in the following paragraph refers to a serious discussion about RU. RU is not a choice in my mind like one would choose between Montessori or Waldorf or Mainstream or whatever. RU is a life philosophy in my mind. Its my vision that this encompasses learning, living, eating, interacting, bodily functions, everything. Its a way to connect with yourself and the world at large.

Each of us chooses what rings truest to our own selves and follows that voice. Each of us shall strive for happiness in our own ways. This RU path has brought the most happiness for us in our family of 4. It has changed the relationship between my husband and I. It has made my son exclaim “i love life! This is the life” etc. It allows me the time and space to make amends, learn new ways, exercise choices etc. And my children observe and take cues and figure out their own ways.

Again… never saying never… and always learning… hence this blog is about me accepting my changes, blocks, talking about what other new path/method has helped me in my journey to be the best possible mother, partner, self etc.

now the post:

Last evening I met my lovely, Reiki practicing, artist, designer, college friend, Leenata, aka Leenu. We had a lovely 6 hours by ourselves. Children were with Ravi, playing at home. The amazing part of the evening was that after a long time i found an old friend who “got it”!! Yahoo. I mean she got RU totally. It was grand to see how easily she understood our way of being. She does not have children, yet. Yet the principles behind RU made sense and could be easily discussed. I guess I’ve only really had new friends besides my sister who really got it. So for an old one to understand it meant we could chat easily about old times and new and see how we had grown. It was a sweet, fragrant, compassionate exchange of news.

My new helper after Roopa…. Maushi, is sick. I am holding her in a circle of healing power inside of me. I wish her well and hope that she will heal herself. So anyway Maushi is not here and has been in and out thinking she can work but scared she’ll loose the job here. Anyway… my day has been tiring to say the least… mostly the house is in a beautiful state of shambles and mingles and messes and scatterings. Only this afternoon was i able to finish hand-washing all our 3-days worth of dishes. So my nails feel crummy. I’m now going to clean the floors… leave it un-swept for a day and you can feel dust under your feet. And R, R and i start to sneeze :-O So off i go to clean while Raghu watches Tom and Jerry re-runs. Zoya has gone downstairs with Ravi’s sister and her daughter, Kaveri. They just arrived for some playtime. So I got to get some cleaning done before they come back up.