So excited that today i started my Morning Pages (  Have had the book for over 2 years and kept meaning to start it.  But here it is… its time.  Feels exhilerating to just get back to writing after this long break.  And can’t wait for the changes that are inevitable as a result.

Zoya is cycling, asking for horse riding sessions, wanting a piano and generally being very new to me 🙂
Raghu is waiting for his Wii to get fixed, his PSP to get fixed and planning a shopping expedition with my mom at the newly renovated Dorabjee in Pune.  Grandmother and grandson are in cahoots and i’m not allowed to know what they are up to.

Right this minute Raghu, Zoya and Ammamma (my mom) are talking about a shop where Z is selling dresses.
We saw the new Narnia 3-D movie yesterday and loved it.  My favorite conversation was between Lucy and the new little Narnian girl.  The girl says “when i grow up i want to be just like you”.  And Lucy says “when you grow up you will be just like you”  I think this is the line… someone help correct it.  But the meaning was beautiful and exactly what our lives are about these days. Raghu told me what to expect at moments in the movie that i was surprised he knew about.  As it turns out he was simply being a good listener of dialog in the movie.  And i did not catch on to some of the stuff as i was focusing on the special effects and missing whole chunks of dialog 🙂

As a term ‘unschooling’ is limiting me completely.  I’m getting stronger in simply saying “we are living our lives… and have not chosen school as part of our lives at this time”.  Perhaps there are more families out there who feel like this.  Talking to my dear friend, Urmila, was as usual freeing, and we discussed this and felt alike in that moment.  Starting the morning pages is feeling like a huge relief.  I needed inner guidance but was unable to tune in for all the other noise in my head.  And these pages help siphon off the crud and lets me go deep within.  Feels good.

These past weeks we have made 2 new friends.  One is a temporarily homeschooling child who is visiting from the US for a few months (end of trip now) and loves video gaming and imaginary play just like Raghu.  So they have both had multiple playdates.  The other friend is someone who has been around but we had not discovered each others families.  When i posted about how our days are on the Ning site… the father read it to the boy and we got a call the next day asking for a playdate.  The boy, A, found many similarities between him and Raghu and wanted to meet up asap.  So we all did …at  A’s house and had, as Raghu said later on, “the best day of my life” 🙂  Oh actually the line was “the second best day of my life” as the first was with the other child just a few days before.  Wow, for a child to have 2 best days of his life within a week is rather amazing to me.

I’ve been working hard in my head and in my journal to keep an upbeat attitude about being in India.  We miss beauty.  As urbanites we really miss beauty in our surroundings… gardens, cleanliness, side walks, pollution free areas, woods, ponds, lakes etc.  So keeping an in-the-moment attitude and being positive about finding interesting and interested friends is crucial.   And lo and behold it has been happening.  Just have to stay open and welcoming.