Zoya is very possessive of Raghu’s room. She actually was resenting Roshni’s entry in Raghu’s room as Raghu was not with her. No one but Raghu may play in his room unschaperoned.

She says things with super hand gestures… She does an ammiya… with her hand on her head and off again. She is quite a pleasure to work with when i really give her my 100%. Thats the hard part… i feel she gets a raw deal as i’m more concerned sometimes about answering R’s qs etc.

She calls Kaveri Kavayya and she is using words to weave her own little sentences.. “gaadi coming” pronounced “gaaadee commmming” in a lilting way. She really took to Ashwin. She woudl go to him even after a nap!! I was quite stunned. He was the pied piper while at Indore with 5 kids following him around.

She is more a kids person than raghu is. She will follow children around and do waht they do. She observes the way i brush adn then does the same. but she brushes because Raghu does.

Raghu was in a teary state one night before sleep overcame...
he siad he did not want to die. i was gaping like a fish... who's brains were
deep fried. glad we sleep in a dark room adn he did nto see the stupid look on my
face in response to a very valid concern.<br><br>i tried to tell him that leaves
becoem compost as do most things on earth. everything on a sheer matter level
becomes something else. our bodies are food for a million other bodies, matter
of differnet kinds etc. i'm not even talking about souls, religious beliefs etc.
just sheer matter turning into matter... and that our sadness when a toy dies, a
person dies or a pet dies... varies in intensity. nto the words i used that night...
but thats the basic things i got accross.
raghu seemed accepting and eventually feel asleep.<
At some point some weeks later... he sais "when i'm in hospital to be reborned will
it hurt?" that questino was making so many wrong assumptions that i did nto know
where to begin. luckily i got off easy as he seemed to be distracted.
i only reiterated what i siad before without using the words hospital adn hurt.

a few days ago.. raghu told me matter of factly "when i'm reborned i want to be
reborned as a girl woman" again same gaping fish face and no immediate response.
I'm in for the long haul.... and i wonder sometimes if i bitten off more than i
can chew. still its better this way than being told that its time for homework or
its beyond the scope of the maths assignment or some such. I love life learning.