Food, Fun, Frolic, Fast cars, Fresh air, Friendly times with friends and cousins, Free spaces to play etc

That title pretty much describes what we’ve been enjoying for the past few weeks.
Outside of the Unschooling festival in ABQ and the couple of days in Santa Fe……… We’ve hung out and lived with cousins and friends here in NJ. Raghu has tasted his fill of Dunkin Donuts… he looks starved when he speaks of Dunkin Donuts and then eats only one usually… and then gets a repeat craving in a couple of days. He has been enjoying some of the store-bought-hummous varieties and has been devouring Mozzarella, grilled chicken, mexican food, lots of cinnamonny things etc. Zoya has been on a steady run of M&Ms, Dark Chocolate, Wheat toast with butter, her usual milk-drink, small seedless oranges, grapes, tons of snap peas, rice and chapatis and bananas.

We’ve driven around thanks to the car i got from Ravi’s cousin, who is in CA for the week for work. Today kids and i did shopping… silly things… ginger bread house kit, light sabers, DS kits, princess doll for Z and a kit with Disney music, ziplock bags, little gifts for folks back home, vanilla flavoured coffee for my sister, little toys for my 4 year old niece, and other things. Fabulous rainy day… so we spent it indoors and had a lovely day. Z got a hot-oink balloon, Raghu got lego kits and finally at the end when we all were beginning to get snappy… some lovely soup and chicken at home with the nephews and cousins.

Raghu has been figuring out things in a different way lately. And so have I. Seems to me i’m goign to do the best i can for us all in India… but sooner or later moving back here is what i think will happen.

A dear friend took us in for 2 days and gave us a lovely time. She made sour dough bread and soups and packed picnic lunches and took us to beautiful parks that she and her son and me and Raghu used to go to back when we lived here… and the kids were very young. It was a fab trip down memory lane for us and the kids enjoyed their time at playgrounds and in the new house too.

My cousins have been treating us to a lovely time. Helping us plan things, generous in sharing their home as home-base, their car too etc. The nephews and R and Z have been enjoying some Wii and other gaming stuff.

Raghu and Zoya have been to many playgrounds now and have been displaying cool skills…. i miss this in India. In India you need to be in school if you are young and want play-areas and open-space options.

more soon. please chk out Sandra’s photo add-ons at:

Monkey Platter Festival Awesomeness

From Santa Fe, where we are visiting for a couple of days:

The Monkey Platter Festival, Albuquerque, ended on Thursday. We will be back at Sandra’s home for some Rangoli and a few more activities tomorrow and then flyout to NJ on MOnday.

We are all so wired during the day and then so tired at night… hence no blog posts by me yet. But a ton will come poring out the second i get back to NJ… i hope. Meanwhile Sandra has updated the Monkey Platter Festival blog with TONS and TONS of photos. Please check it out here:

This has been the most awesome experience ever. Raghu and Zoya love Sandra’s home. Sandra has made us so comfortable, has given so freely of her time. Her husband, Keith and her children, Marty and Holly have been sweet, generous with their things, time and home. They have all been such wonderful hosts. Our trip has given me a better perspective on unschooling, an unschooling home, the nature of things to come as our kids grow etc.

Some of the folks we got to meet besides Sandra and her family (minus her oldest Kirby… working in Austin) are Bethany and Ethan, Rachel, Zane, Caleb, Greta and Carmen, Beth and Emma, John, Robyn, Saja (pronounced Seyjaa) and Cade, Susan and Dan, Theresa, Sylvia and her boys… sorry did not get to meet them, Lee Stranahan and family, and a few more… i will post a full list and the chidlren’s ages too soon.
More to come. Meanwhile enjoy the pics….