Speakers in our body

Raghu was having a bath and i was getting his clothes together with Z on my hip. Raghu called out… “where are our speakers in our body?” I was silent for a minute while i comtemplated which clothes and tried to figure out what the question meant…. then i burst into non-stop laughter for a minute or so. Both kids found me very funny. It had just struck me so funny… that raghu was trying to ask how do we speak… where does the sound come from?

On another note… Zoya has begun doing a pouty lower lip whenever she feels wronged… like when i yell at her for dropping the tin of marbles… Which is not a big deal.. but sometimes managing 2 and their food and everything else that a home and a learning environment needs makes for a crazy mama… so anyway… she does the lower lip pout… as though she is quite offended! Which she is entitled to when i offend her sensibilities.