Zoya said…. shume mamma…. translation… excuse me amma. Zoya said …. aaaayuuuu…. translation thank you.

she is amazingly sing the words in the right context and very spontaneously

she syas no poppin balun translated as no popping baloon. she is cracking me up today.

I wonder if i will go a little crazy when i reach india. i’m so independent and expect little from people by way of social courtesy… and vice versa. But as sushil says… learn to lie… yikes. Or maybe as Ravi says.. don’t lie… but just be bluntly candid.

I’m probably thinking this to death… but i do feel that the way the house is kept, arranged, managed etc is what will keep me happy and the usnchooling going great. So i need to manage those issues with Ravi asap…. even before we arrive there.