About Me


I’m Hema. Welcome to my blog!  My hope is that you will be inspired by my sharing of our family’s unschooling journey.  I know I was super encouraged by the hundreds of stories shared by unschooling parents who had been walking longer than me on this path.

This blog started out as http://www.thebharadwajknights.blogspot.com.  Due to my lack of techy-ness, when I transitioned it to WordPress I lost access to the original blog name.  So now all those old posts live here, happily.

I wrote steadily for a few years when my children were younger. At a certain age, they did not want me to share their stories publicly.  Recently at ages 15 and almost 12, they are more relaxed about my sharing. So I’m back at my blog and at my art space http://www.hemabharadwaj.com.


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