Of Tingaleels and I-creeme

Zoya has been enjoying new words a lot lately. She went around saying Tingaleel yesterday… which i figured out after several minutes of head shaking meant Triangle 🙂

Zoya has been on a diet of popsicles, icecream, nutella (hazlenut-choco spread.. eaten by Z straight up), dark chocolate, rice, daal and some chicken sausages/franks and chapatis. Also lots of juice, milk, water and icecubes. can you make out its hot here? Both kids are avoiding food and subsisting on things that make them cool. Also they both walk around with salt in their palms… licking it up. Yep its hot, dusty and makes you want to stay in the pool all day.

Zoya is talking up a storm. She is very keen to tell us stories about her day and things she experiences. she will say interesting things like “don’t cover my belly button” (when i’m putting on her skirt). When i ask her why… she says “bekkos then i cannot find it” LOL

She has been trying to imitate Raghu when he talks to me. So if he starts off with “guess what amma…” Then you can hear Zoya pipe in quickly even as Raghu tells his story “Guss waat amma” its very cute until raghu gets bugged 🙂

Ah… life is good. I have been enjoying a dip in teh pool with kids for the past week almost everyday. so refreshing. Z loves standing under the little waterfall in the baby pool (2 feet deep)… and dunking herself. She comes up spluttering but will do it over and over.

Raghu has cracked the code in the DS transformers and is enjoying himself. he is so joyous and excited by his abilities to get to new levels in the game. I hope to get a DS for myself and play mario or something with him. ravi is researching Wii and others. Need to decide soon…. as the DS is not so great for continuous playing. Although Raghu now automatially takes a 15 min break after an hour of playing… i’d explained to him after one of his marathon runs that it might affect his eyesight… and read the DS guide to him. Lovely how dialogue and logic make sense to him… becasue he trusts us. We don’t have to coerce or bully him. He listens, talks, debates back and will willingly do things to make a solution happen.

have i said lately how much i love this way of living? RU rocks.