Zoya has been watching videos of Kutsuwa eraser making kits…. its real fun… watch here:
There are many videos in this category and she watches them regularly.

Well she wants the kit and i’m not able to source it locally.  It struck me that i could get her plasticine. Something that resembles the stuff in the video.  The last time i got plasticine the kids mixed everything up and it was a ball of gunk… so I have stayed with home made playdough ever since. And the kids have never complained.  They love our home-made colorful playdough.

But recently i noticed that this did not meet Zoya’s increasingly exacting standards.  And she wanted details and the satisfaction of creating art that playdough was not giving her.

Anyway… today we went to an art store and got loads of plasticine.  And we were in heaven.  Kids and I created hamburgers, chillies, a stuffed blue-berry pie, sandwiches.  And Raghu, uncharacteristically, played with us!!  He even made an olive on a toothpick that i was frankly amazed by.  We all love this smelly plasticine and are looking fwd to making more things tomorrow.

I love finding ways to meet my children’s needs.  I’m also loving accepting all the times i can’t meet a need head on.  To be able to stay centered and helpful thru both types of situations is very important to me.

Click on the pic to see the details 🙂
Just want to mention that you can make really realistic looking food and the colors mix beautifully together and don’t forget… unless you press real hard the different parts of the food stay separate!!  So the sandwich Raghu made can come apart and be reused.  Also this material is very satisfying to cut.  Zoya was playing chef and was hosting a talk show while chopping up… just like her fave Nigella 🙂

Ravi’s cousin sent us plasticine from the UK. Very different from ‘play-dough and home-made-dough. So vibrant and colorful! Lovely to make fruits with and other inedible delights. R, Z and I had a neat time making sandwiches, slicing up white rolls of bread and making bowls of noodles. So a big thankyou to P and R.

There is something so stinky and sticky and playful about the craft that kids get naturally inclined. R and Z’s play made me remember Al Dhafra days…. lots of time and tons of inspiration. Perhaps Sush will remember those days with fondness? She and I were great at making pies, cakes and monsters with plasticine. Its interesting how Raghu and Zoya interact with each other and make funnies 🙂 Also, Raghu started to offer sandwiches for sale and immediately created his own minting machine and gave me my change.

Off late he and I talk about money and change, number games, sequences of 2s and 10s, different counting possibilities and also make much ado about large numbers. The larger the number, the more powerful the number is, in his mind.

Again the power of connecting dots, making simple assumptions, clearing up concepts, clarifying thoughts, thinking before talking, making games, learning without conscious attempt… are all aspects of our day. So even as i go to pick up Ravi from work and we listen to Roald Dahl’s BFG or some jazz or “pappu can’t dance sala” … its all learning!! and its happening all the time. We discover words and thoughts like ballerina, jazz, imagination, reading in our head, idibongers, catapult, what are opinions etc… and they lead to other interesting words and thoughts. Or sometimes we just listen to the rain, squabble, sit in silence or simply day dream.

Its a lovely world we live in and much of it comes about because Ravi, my dear dh, selflessly goes to work and brings home the moolah. He does enjoy his job but it means he can only enjoy with the children and be a part of our activities on the w’ends really.