Halloween… we miss you

Seems to me like Halloween has permanently taken residence in our house these days. Ravi has brought back wonderful Halloweeny things from his trip to the US. And Raghu loves it all. Raghu asked me to video shoot him scaring me…. and this was the result.

Raghu really wanted to go to NJ for the Halloween night. We had just returned from Bangalore and were recovering from the lack of sleep (6 am flight from there). We missed the spirit of Halloween that we remembered from our years in NJ. Its lovely to go trick or treating in the cold evening air. And have visits from friends and hand out all the candy/treats. Another post for all the things we miss. And what we have come to appreciate about this place. Raghu was not quite into the Halloween spirit when we left the US. In Singapore it was a strange half hearted affair.

Back to the present… he’s been going around as Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman, the Devil, Flash from JL and a Vampire. The folks in our complex don’t quite know how to react. The kids seem to think its okay for them to tease him. Some of them enjoyed talking to him but mostly they wanted to fight.

Raghu loves the occasional physical encounter with the boys who are his age. It freaks me out a bit… but I’ve learnt to keep my thoughts to myself. I just trust that Raghu will let me know when he needs me to intervene. But this is hard to guage when i feel he is being tricked or taunted by boys older than him and more experienced than him.