Doing Nothing Days

Doing nothing is not always easy.  It has to be created, these spaces for doing nothing. 
These days Raghu goes for rock climbing twice a week. Zoya randomly goes for open swim and a swim lesson every week. We have a steady weekly playdate with a friend and her children that both kids love. And sometimes like this week, we have an outing.  Zoya signed up for an Aquarium visit/class to learn about sharks and penguins.  A lovely busy week of choices we all made. But this morning we knew we would be spending our day at home.  Doing Nothing.
Our day so far: I am enjoying setting up my bedroom studio corner, catching up on cool FB links, reading up on math and design and finding a local studio for artists to draw from a model.  Raghu has been exploring his new PS3 game, talking to me about various topics ranging from social activists to when should a tea bag be removed for ideal flavor.  Zoya woke up thinking and breathing Minecraft and quickly immersed herself in a new house creation and watching Stampey videos.  Both of them are now deep into Minecrafting and creation and intense conversations about Stampeylongnose (this guy who creates lovely videos of his Minecraft world).
As you can see, a day of doing nothing is never really nothing.  Its just a pressure free, open ended, generally home bound space created lovingly, to let us all rest into our natural interests and rhythms. I resist thinking about the growing grocery list. I resist everything but the unfolding of the day.  
After intense socializing or a playdate/gathering or drives to and fro from classes we all need a “do nothing” space.  Some call it down time.  We call it “doing nothing”.  Implying you can relax and allow the day to unfold without any time limits.  Follow whims and doodles and thoughts to their logical conclusion or not. Cook simple meals and laugh loud and silly. Every few hours Raghu will ask me if we are going anywhere… and i remind him that we are indeed not doing anything today.  And we smile knowingly at each other.  I love our Doing Nothing Days.  

One thought on “Doing Nothing Days

  1. Aravinda March 3, 2014 / 3:07 am

    Nothing is like meditation. We can infuse days of our lives and moments throughout the day with nothing.

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