Why is night spelt with a gh?

After reading the post on raghu asking about the funny english spelling (a few posts down)…. Sandra Dodd wrote:

“The reason “night” is spelled that way is that letters used to be pronounced–with a sound we don’t have anymore, so I don’t know how to describe that at all, but those words with the gh in the middle like night, fight, fright, plight must have sounded similar 800 years ago, and that sound stayed.
“Knight” was pronounced “keNicht” kind of, and castle was castell. Sword had a w sound in it. So when they started spelling those, they were spelling them the way they sounded. ”

Now makes sense to me 🙂 And to raghu too. he has been identifying words that are spelt “wrong” and then he proceeds to pronounce them the way he thinks they must have centuries ago. Its fun.

Sandra also shared this page
http://sandradodd.com/etymology that talks about this more. For those of us who love “Chupke chupke” and the famous “pa-nee-monia aur pa-thai-sis” dialogue… this is a fun road to travel.