Rabbit, Pooh, Tigger, Roo, Piglet and I

While watching “Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo” for the n’th time with Raghu and Zoya this morning, I was in a slow, slightly sleep-deprived, zoned out state. And this state of mind made me hyper-aware of Rabbit’s voice to the exclusion of all else…. kids chattering, laughing loudly, the garbage collectors et al. This is the one where Rabbit takes away Easter from everyone (because no one listens to his orders/commands during the previous Easter celebration) and Tigger, Roo and the Narrator help Rabbit see the light 😉

So back to Rabbit’s previous Easter…. he is singing his organization song while riling up the troops for his version of Easter preparation. He says something like “Its work, stop having fun now” “we must prioritize, organize, supervise, etc…” “No one can start Easter till I say so” “It has to be perfect or it will never do” etc. And I started to feel like Rabbit and I are very alike.

Aaaaarrrghhh…. Delegating work to the submissive, anal planning, getting things orderly and neat… all traits I fight within me. Maybe the kids are subliminally sending me a message by asking for this DVD repeatedly.

These days our home has a life of its own. I barely have any control over how it may look from moment to moment, let alone day to day. If and when I crave a cleanliness fix that seems impossible at home… then i visit some friends or family or go to a fancy restaurant. Or I find a new spot to snuggle in in the house and look at things from a new physical space. This helps me look at the mountain of mixed up items/toys and see ‘work’ happening and not ‘clutter’.

So like Pooh and Tigger for sure… its best to deal with the moment and be in it… and not think about the future or even the next moment too much. And Rabbit so needs to just chill.