Finally on a roll with uploading pictures

The little heart shaped tag is pink in color and  has SNOWY inscribed on it and our phone number on the back.  Sandra bought it for us from ABQ.  Snowy is not letting me get really close with the camera while awake… so this was the best so far. 

Our picnic trip to Velhe yesterday was lovely.  After a farm-visit we went over to the nearby river and frolicked in the water and mud.

 Zoya has been on a writing mission.  She likes writing her name and will often ask me to make her little books with words in them that she can copy out. 

Our first time with Snowy

Pictures of Snowy with her brothers and sisters and mom.  These photos are from when we were at the little house of the watchman who took care of these puppies and mom.  My friend Aishwarya (in that photo where we are taking Snowy in the car for the first time) takes care of the puppies and helps with Blue Cross, spaying/neutering etc.  She cared for these litters and still does.  She managed to get most of the pups adopted.  I admire her for her determination, kindness and service.


Tanaya, Sanjana, Simone, Ram, Kabir and Sanjyot all came to visit the puppies and feed them.  We got Snowy home after she was 8 weeks old so she got plenty of time to nurse.  The mom, Brownie, was a sweetheart and was nursing her own puppies and another set!


Our month in Pictures

Raghu and Trikay (taken during my sister’s trip to Pune)
Birthday party for Maya.  She is 5!
Zoya and Maya in their matching birthday dresses (gifted by Sushi Masi) next to our aquarium (passed on by a local family) of 5 gold fishes and some snails. 
Snowy travels in a car for the first time from her home to our home. 
Carved Oranges posing around the house.
Tanaya, our local dog whisperer, showing us ways to play with the puppy.  She is a lovely, helpful young teenager who lives near us. 
Posing with Snowy at home.  You can see Snowy’s new collar )
Made Raavan out of cereal boxes and paper and loads of tape.  Ananya and her friend helped create it.  We had a  good time making it and then burning it on Dashehra night.
Tanaya, Sanjana, Meghna (kids from our building complex) and Z and R made a leg-star so Snowy would play within it.  Snowy loved all the attention. 

Rethinking here….

I’m sorry if i was too aggressive in my post of the Ken Robinson video links.  

For me the animated video connected dots in an easy way like nothing else I’ve seen so far.   As it has for many, many people. 
Wrt Unschooling… I know its not the path for everyone but its one more choice we all have…. amongst many choices.


This video and the one below are incredibly clear, concise and point to new paths.  Those of you who send your children to school… please watch these.  I’m not trying to alienate my school-sending-friends.
….But sitting on my couch with my children and dog, watching Ken robinson on my HP-mini, while Raghu ‘collaborates’ with Zoya and tells her how to defeat a character in her DS game, while we consider the why and how of nuclear bombs (Raghu’s interest in bombs and related big-boom-stuff)… I cannot help but share my enthusiasm for freedom…. in learning, living etc.

And then watch this: