Raghu and Zoya’s Salad Surprise.  Made an hour ago by Chef Raghu and Helper Chef Zoya… all by themselves in the kitchen.  (I was sitting outside working my Ning site… and ready to help if they needed it)

Chop onions, tomatoes, ginger, mozzarella, carrot, and orange.
Toss these with oregano, parsley, pepper, salt, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and kadipatta.
And squeeze lemon juice at the end.

As told by Raghu.

Its delicious.

About violent games

Some one or the other is always writing about the media, video games, violence therein etc..  I’d like to share a take on this topic that i really like:  http://motherjones.com/politics/2000/06/violent-media-good-kids-0
Also here: http://sandradodd.com/game/tales and choices are here:http://sandradodd.com/game/online
And as i re-read today these pages i discovered this page link: http://sandradodd.com/game/benefits

I can’t begin to say everything i feel about video games… from my beginning ambivalence/ aversion/ annoyance/ fear/ more fear, etc.. all the way to today’s complete acceptance of my child’s love and devotion to figuring out a game, his determination, his focus, his interest, his ability to explain it, talk about it passionately, willingness to give Ravi and me tutorials/workshops on a game etc..  He is currently playing a game that is about a guy in school.  And the classes need you to figure out games/words/math etc.  then you pass the game.  I help him out with certain parts when he asks for it.  Been very interesting to watch his intensity in figuring out those puzzles/tests that the school teachers are throwing out to this character.  The character gets bullied and keeps getting detention.  And Raghu is wondering why this is so.  Lead to conversations about the way the video gamer designed the game.

There is a cd we have with Jerry Seinfeld stand-up shows on it.  We listen to it often while driving around the maniacal roads of India…. puts up in a good mood 🙂  So in one of the clips he says “When men are growing up, reading about Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, these aren’t just kid fantasies. These are career options.”  That one really cracks me up… cause both Raghu and Ravi nod their heads whenever they listen to him say it 🙂

Sandra’s visit to India

Happy to announce Sandra’s visit to India.  Trip dates: October 24th to November 22nd.

Formal notice:
SANDRA DODD will be visiting India for a month. If you’d like to meet her please email Hema. She is willing to give talks and do small group meetings as well. I invited her and she is here as my guest. She is interested in meeting the homeschooling community here and otherwise explore local markets, theaters, streets, games etc 🙂

Quick Intro: Sandra Dodd is considered one of the foremost proponents of unschooling, also known as “natural learning”, “child-led” learning or the more recent “whole-life learning”. Speaking at conferences across the U.S. and writing daily at several email lists and message boards, she brings the message of unschooling and mindful parenting to thousands. As an HEM columnist, she wrote eloquently and passionately about the way humans learn outside of school and sharing the lives of her own unschooled children with others. She is one of the clearest voices amongst unschooling advocates. You can also check out her Blog.