The way it goes

I would like to share this random day with my readers:

This morning i woke up with very low energy levels. I sat with my coffee mug and chatted with Ravi, who had been working on his laptop till i woke up. He is in the middle of re-entering the work world that he happily left 7 months ago. We are also in the last phase of the interior work on our new apartment. The current apartment, rented, has to be handed back by March 30th. The work on our site has us embroiled, mentally, physically and energetically. So there was much for us to talk about.

Raghu woke up and joined us on the couch. He said he loved the sun’s warm rays falling on his bare back. He sat their sunning and started talking with us. The next hour went by discussing (with Ravi googling things for us) a light year, speed of light, how far Andromeda, the galaxy, is, what is a measurement unit, why measure anything, great Khali, the punjabi Canadian wrestler, tricks, trickster and how to trick people. Oh and also Raghu chatted about the Sherlock Holmes movie he saw by himself the previous night. ( I had fallen asleep and Ravi was asleep on the couch half way thru the movie.)

Raghu has been wanting to trick us.. General kinds… Pretending to be asleep, sneaking up on us and scaring us, stuff like that. But he has not always been successful. I gave him a wrapped candy this morning. He opened it and saw my carefully wrapped green plasticine roll. He was surprised at how realistic the candy looked like from the outside. So i wished him happy tricking, practical jokes etc. and mentioned that we’d love to be tricked. He does not want us to pretend to be tricked. He really wants to trick us. I mentioned the book on practical jokes i have. Raghu moved onto other things. I went back to my coffee and thoughts.

Ravi got some toast ready for breakfast. I got Zoya’s milk ready. She had woken up talking about a playdate. I went upstairs to hang clothes to dry. My helper was sweeping the floors and helping with the dishes. We had not swept the floors for a day and they were filthy already.

I spoke to the kids about not arranging any playdates for the next couple of days as i was busy with the new house site issues, Ravi was managing several things, we were exhausted by the little house help, cooking, dusting, washing up etc. i explained that since we had several outings till yesterday i needed a break from social things. They both understood and decided to watch a TinTin episode while eating breakfast. I was moving around the house with a phone to my ear, arranging for dog care during the upcoming homeschoolers conference, and catching up on grocery lists and texting a friend.

I started cooking lunch once Ravi left for his errands and the site. Raghu and Zoya were playing a loud, running around game. There were times i wanted to step in and sort out their loud quarrels. I stopped myself and smiled at them and noticed that they were simply being loud but were not really angry. They kept resolving their issues and played together… A made up game.

I had steamed beetroot in the pressure cooker. I asked the kids if they wanted to colour some fabric. They put down soft white cloth pieces and for the next 30 minutes or so played with it. We stamped, printed, stained, and had some fun. Raghu then chopped up the cooked beetroot for our salad. I mixed it all up and Raghu tasted it and approved it but said it needed more salt.

While i continued to make chapatis and cooked a cabbage sabji, Zoya created coloured sand sticky paper thingies. Beautiful little things…. I have no idea what to do with them yet. But for now all that mattered was that she could mix coloured sand and enjoy the sticky paper.

Raghu then sorted out his card collection, played with a lighter, watched the flame, went out for a walk, used a blade to create wooden pencil shapes from sticks and now he is playing a video game that involves wrestlers.

Zoya is walking around with her doll, humming a song, carrying a laundry basket and creating little home spaces for her baby. She is currently feeding her doll and has asked me to get her wooden clothes pegs the next time we go shopping. I just fixed up her little pink stroller.

Ravi just got back and is upstairs printing out stuff. I will go set the table and maybe all 4 of us will eat lunch together.

Its 2:30 in the afternoon and i do not know how the rest of the day will go. I might read my Natalie Goldberg book after lunch and watch a movie with the kids. Maybe i’ll feel open to playdates and a library visit (for Raghu’s next Bone book) as the day moves on. I shared with the kids first thing this morning about how low i was energy wise and how i could not plan an active day. But they know (just from them knowing my style of functioning) that my energy may go up and we can revisit all of it).

Some days are full of excitement and busy with planned and unplanned activity. Other days like today… Quiet, loud, happy, annoyed, smiling, singsongy, simple, at home, mixed up, ordinary, etc. I stay with the unfolding of the day.