Climbing Shine for me

Posted this on FB and realised i’d done a near blog post.. so here goes:

At climbing class Raghu, grinning broadly, told me what he told his friend (12 year old, intuitive, brilliant climber): “Tu Bandar Ka Sikandar Hai.”

It is only because i see separation and feel comparison that i acutely felt the beauty of this statement. To him it was obvious and lovely and a simple happiness in coming up with an apt descriptor in Hindi.

For those needing translation and background :
-“You are king of the monkeys”.

-Raghu has been expressing himself in Hindi more often these days. As i think in English and my Kannada and Hindi are both only passable… kids and I talk mostly in English. So its way cool that he came up with this on his own.

-Raghu is in love with climbing (has been since he first got on a wall about 3 years ago). As we did not have access to a wall here till about 3 months ago and because he has no consistent interest in any other sport/physical activity… he is struggling to meet his climbing goals/challenges. Some of the kids who’ve attended classes have climbed easily and then left the class as they did not have a real interest in the sport.
Raghu has been at the wall, loving and connecting with it and the fabulous young bunch of instructors. In my heart i feel bad/sad that he is struggling simply because his body is not on par with the average 9 year old (yes i have closets full of crap despite my understanding of this thought line being unhelpful).

And then to see him be joyful about anothers joy, to simply climb and not care about how much better he is than another (unless it helps set him a goal), to be able to crown his friend even as he struggles (just the previous class Raghu had cried with frustration, trying to push his body to do things it can’t do just yet.) I’m crowning this soul and loving him.