Abu Dhabi beach trip

Raghu and Zoya had a blast on the beach yesterday. There is a lagoon that allows for plenty of quiet play and no waves… so the kids enjoyed the water thoroughly. Raghu played with the sand in a sort of trance… adn so did Zoya. The power of making a moat, allowing water to soak in and eventually figure out that water always runs down hill and will pool up if the sand is blocking the way. Sad that this is still unknown to him. I am quite thrilled about.

you can’t take anythign past the kids… all is truth evenetually. if i hurt Zoya.. raghu will stand up for her. If he hurts Zoya I stand up for her and of course if Zoya hurts raghu then i stand up for him. I realise that our kids being raised the way htey are are quite aware of truth and will always be tuned into it. So no one can take them for a ride.