The dune and the rock.

i think India is finally working for us… or maybe its the other way around. We rediscovered india when we went to Pondicherry and Auroville for 5 days recently. We lived at the Dune Eco-village which is between the 2 cities. It was the most awesome, as earthy as we could get with some creature conforts that we still need, yummy get-away we’ve had. Raghu asked me to tell the manager that the hotel was a infinity star hotel… as he has been exposed to hotel star ratings here in Pune quite a bit.

We loved being able to see stars clearly at night (distinguishing the milky way band clearly), eating the delicious, organic meals from their own farms and bicycling around the property. We walked around the beach and collected some cool crab legs, shells and romped around with the 4 dogs that belong to the owners all over the property.

There is much to be written about this trip. From Raghu using a sling-shot beautifully and winning one at my friend’s home to Zoya playing with and herding the dogs around.

but i’m with allergies again and need my rest. So more about this soon.

Wrt life in general: Some serious gratitude goes out to my dear Ravi. He is the backbone to our unschooly way of life. I may be the one who brings home the radical, off-beat, lets try this…it just feels right sort of ideas………… BUT he is the one who gives me the impetus and drive by being a rock, a good listener and being supportive in the extreme.

He has faith in me and my ideas and that gives me a huge boost… every day. He will often say “do it if it makes you happy” and that just puts me in the mood to jive and take on the world. He brings home the moolah and puts in a lot of effort at work .. mostly because he loves his job but also because we both want me at home with the children. We figured this arrangement suited our temperaments. Ravi embraced co-sleeping, nursing on demand, attachment parenting and eventually unschooling. We have turned around 180 degrees from the time we started our relationship on many levels. He comes home and wonders what new thing i’m going to bring up 😉 His “lets try it and see” philosophy works wonders. Anyway… inspired by something i read over at Peacefulpartnerships today… i decided i had to write down all that i loved about Ravi. I could go one some more but that would have to be a whole post in its own right.

good night and peaceful dreams to all.