unschooling update

A positive change in me…. i’m not as perturbed or am not engaging my mind in mindless worry over future changes. For e.g. previously i wanted nothing more than to be settled into Pune and not move again adn really get entrnched etc… But now… i’m not so sure. i feel open to all changes. Which means that as i go thru the changes i still live in the present and enjoy the goings on. VS… struggling to settle and waiting for future enjoyment of settled living and then not wanting to move anywhere else as so much effort has gone into settling in one place!!

So over all… i’d say.. i’m living in the present mostly and trying my darnedest to allow change to flow thru me… not stop and create a mess within. Which means… future worries no longer exist. If Ravi were to get an opportunity to move within the next year again… i’d be wiling to up and move provided it did not eat into our finances unnecessarily. And thus unschooling would never stop.. as the kids and i will adjust to the places and times as need be.. while still learning and moving on wiht our interests.

Seems like my understanding of unschooling deepens every day… however i do wish for a fellow parent goign thru it with me… in the flesh adn not just online. Its isolating and has made me very mucha voice in my own head… vs the old talkative me. after all what woudl most folks say if they were told of the horrors of unschooling… chocolate for breakfast and broccoli for tea with a good measure of TV, anatomical discussions and other trivia thrown in?

i hope to remember my old methods and persue the law of attraction type thinking of college years. It worked! i just did not use it as wisely as i can now.