No-Poo (no, not that poo)

I have not found anything poppy to write about this week.  But just now i was kicked by an idea found via the random clicking online that i occasionally indulge in. “No Poo” is the idea 🙂  Sounds poppy to me.  Its all about no shampoo usage.  

Raghu has been anti soap and shampoo for a long time.  He just instinctively feels better without too much skin and scalp cleaning 😮   I struggle with it.   I’ve recently been committed to finding solutions/inspirations for me… so i do not get in the way of my children’s natural instincts.  And lo and behold i find “No Poo”  🙂  For those of you who still plan on visiting us and hanging out with us 😉  thank you.  For those who need a little persuasion that we will not be maladorous here is a link: or just google no poo and find the page that appeals to you.

So Raghu and I are starting our new regime or lack thereof today. Warm showers as we feel the need, but no soap or shampoos.  Maybe some of that vinegar and baking soda or lemon etc… if i feel the need.  I’m ready to try it all as i’ve been loosing enough hair that i may as well go for the bald look… it may be better. I love finding new paths towards eco-ness.  And not pouring money or shampoo down the drain is something up on the list.

Shall post a pic if we are feeling brave and confident a couple of weeks down the line.  I believe it takes a few weeks for our body to sort out its skin/scalp oil/balance. 

Funnily my face has been on a no-poo diet for years.  This is the post where i can reveal that except for an occasional makeup-remover i have not used soap or cleansers on my face since i was a teenager.  Thanks to a family friend who suggested i never rub my face, never apply soap and only splash water on my face when i feel like it and then ‘dab’ it dry not ‘rub’ it dry.  I have often been told i have great skin.  My one pregnancy pigmentation spot is the only little hiccup. No pimples, natural balanced skin.  So maybe i should have taken the hint and spread the love.  Suddenly can’t wait to see how this works out.

One thought on “No-Poo (no, not that poo)

  1. @shwini January 31, 2012 / 6:16 am

    Thanks Hemzee!
    I am going to try it out too 🙂 our youngest son always resisted soap and shampoo and now I too will be more wakeful to our children's instincts!
    Lots of love to Raghu and you!

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