Some of our latest adventures

I just posted about Raghu’s Gun Shine 🙂  It was written originally on an online forum last week.  Soon after, a very dear friend helped me find ways to help with Raghu’s gun love…. yahooo for dear friends 🙂

For the last 3.5 years we have lived 20 minutes away from a fabulous facility initiated by the ace air-rifle shooter, Gagan Narang. I did not know this until said dear friend did online research and told me !!  (I used to be proud of my online research abilities)  Anyway… I was reading Tao of Physics and some other material recently that says something to this effect:  our very thoughts create our universe…. ok those of you who are skeptical… i can’t back this with logic.  I have sensed this deep within and found it happening time and again in my life.  Thats my basis for belief. Anyway… loved that Raghu got what he wanted.  

The instructor is a young, friendly, very committed chap.  Raghu has hit dead center a few times, learnt to cluster his shots etc and has gained his respect. I think video gaming has a lot to do with Raghu’s ability to hit the target.  Raghu is currently handling an air-rifle gun that is about 3.5 kilos!  So he mostly balances it on a couple of sponges and sits on a chair 🙂  He will slowly grow into holding the gun and standing.  Raghu is turning 9 next month…. so he is young for this course.  Here is one video and a couple of photos of Raghu and his instructor.

Some of our homeschooling gang and my neighbor’s son (who also happens to be one of Raghu’s best friends) at a local dog show.

No we were not forcing this dog to jump up and push its nose up in the air.  He was just very happy with us. The kids loved touching all the dogs, hugging the ones who were huggable and generally running around.  We have been having lovely cold weather so sunshine feels very good.

Loved Erica’s traditional pop-up popcorn gift to us 🙂  It was fun to watch and eat.

Raghu’s salad and spinach cooked with tahini and garlic over brown rice.  It was looking so pretty and minimalistic, i had to photograph it.

Zoya swinging with her hair sweeping the ground.  Notice her shark sleeping inside an umbrella hanging on the ladder.  She loves her stuffed animals and is often feeding them, nursing them back to health, or sometimes killing them or saving them (which means she’s playing a Raghu-game 😉

A sweet couple of shots of the kids by Ravi.  We were up on the hill on Sankranti for kite flying.  The large group who were actually kite flying were a few feet away.  My kids wanted to watch and not fly anything.  So they seemed to be talking about the city and Raghu of course was aiming imaginary guns at a world that was under siege and mutants were crawling up the hill while humans were being bitten by zombies…..  Oh and yes.. Raghu and Zoya are the same height now 🙂  Raghu is quite easy going about it even when many people point it out (pointedly 😉  He is taking joy in being himself.  Zoya is my gentle giant who has such compassion and love for all of us.  

She was at a homeschooling friend’s home.  My friend asked Zoya if she’d like to stay the night.  Zoya said, “My Nana (Ravi) always smiles at me when he comes home in the evening (from work).  So thats why i have to go home.”  

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