We have been consuming inordinate amounts of Mangoes. Zoya eats them with the skin! I eat only the pulp. Its been glorious. Here is a picture of the mango variety i love best “Alphonso or Aapoos”. We have been getting boxes of organic mangoes and making mango shakes, pulp with chapatis or just eating them with juice dribbling down our chins. We is Ravi, Zoya and me. Raghu can’t tolerate our mango breath! I’m glad i’ve learnt to accept him as an individual… not as a ‘kid’ who needs fruit to ‘balance’ out his diet. Hooray for eating what makes our body happy.

My kids eat with happiness and joy. They eat when they are hungry. I catch myself cajoling them to eat when others eat and have learnt to stop that. They eat because they are hungry and want to nourish their bodies not because others are eating or that the food is on ration or has to be finished or else or because of emotional black mail ( good boy if you eat, bad if you don’t) etc. Raghu enjoys breakfasting with Ravi in the morning before ravi goes to work. The time suits them both… and they like eating together at the table. Its sweet. The moment we force him to eat, the sweetness is gone.

I’d like the mangoes of the world to remain sweet for my children.

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