The Knights are in Singapore

Ravi has to attend a conference here in Singapore this week. So being the free-as-birds-unschooly family we tagged along. Raghu was game the moment we asked if he was interested. He remembers everything here quite vividly. We lived here from the time he was 4 till he turned 5.

We got the kids a scooter each (the 2 wheel, balancing, foot-propelled ones) and they have been zipping around happily. Singapore is amazing… good, clean food is very affordable and easily available everywhere, its safe for travelers with young kids, very kid friendly – lots of escalators, elevators, excellent public transport, loads of parks/playgrounds and some really nice museums AND as Raghu keeps reminding me, lots of smooth ramps, smooth tiled areas for his scooter to zip on. He wants to skate too.

We’re not doing any of the more pricey Sentosa, Universal Studio like things. From the list Raghu and I came up with the focus is wandering around parks, playgrounds, museums and trying loads of food faves and some Lego shopping. Zoya only wants a new playground each day :-)… easily done. Ravi is busy but will make time for a sunrise till lunch bicycle ride at the East Coast Park on Saturday.

Today the kids are sleeping in and relaxing. Post noon we are meeting a friend and her sons at the Jurong Science Center. Thats where raghu’s first real experience of a tree house started. They have a lovely one in a high tree in the surrounding gardens. For now I’m looking forward to them waking up.


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