Monkey Platter Festival Awesomeness

From Santa Fe, where we are visiting for a couple of days:

The Monkey Platter Festival, Albuquerque, ended on Thursday. We will be back at Sandra’s home for some Rangoli and a few more activities tomorrow and then flyout to NJ on MOnday.

We are all so wired during the day and then so tired at night… hence no blog posts by me yet. But a ton will come poring out the second i get back to NJ… i hope. Meanwhile Sandra has updated the Monkey Platter Festival blog with TONS and TONS of photos. Please check it out here:

This has been the most awesome experience ever. Raghu and Zoya love Sandra’s home. Sandra has made us so comfortable, has given so freely of her time. Her husband, Keith and her children, Marty and Holly have been sweet, generous with their things, time and home. They have all been such wonderful hosts. Our trip has given me a better perspective on unschooling, an unschooling home, the nature of things to come as our kids grow etc.

Some of the folks we got to meet besides Sandra and her family (minus her oldest Kirby… working in Austin) are Bethany and Ethan, Rachel, Zane, Caleb, Greta and Carmen, Beth and Emma, John, Robyn, Saja (pronounced Seyjaa) and Cade, Susan and Dan, Theresa, Sylvia and her boys… sorry did not get to meet them, Lee Stranahan and family, and a few more… i will post a full list and the chidlren’s ages too soon.
More to come. Meanwhile enjoy the pics….

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