A new experience for Raghu

Raghu took the morning flight to Bangalore today with his older cousins and Mami who have come to visit India from New Jersey. It was an ideal opportunity for Raghu to experience travel with family he loves and be with my parents and sisters in Bangalore. So when we asked him if he would like to go… he said yes! He was clear that if he needed us suddenly it would be hard for us to come right away… but if the need was urgent we’d come. After more than a year here in India he now seemed ready for this big step of a 3 day sleep-over… which is what it essentially is.
He will return with them on Sunday evening. He was so excited but also calm and self-assured.

Besides my parents who he is very comfortable with, I sense that his deep connection with my youngest sister (who lived with us from the time Raghu was born till he was about 3) is also the one reason he is so willing to go to Bangalore without Ravi and me around. And its a short trip and its air travel (which he loves) with his 8 and 10 year old boy-cousins who he loves interacting with. All in all a winner of a trip.

His cousins and Mami (my cousin’s wife and my very dear friend) have been with us a few days. We enjoyed their company and Raghu got to play DS with them… like a multi-play thing. Raghu loved trying out their DS cartridges. They all bicycled and scootered around our complex and also experienced some rustic living near by at a farm. Its been wonderful to see these nephews after almost 2 years. We lived 15 minutes away from them in NJ and have been close to them from the time they were born. So a deep connection for all of us.

So Zoya, who is upset that she could not go, and I are going to focus entirely on each other today… or atleast i’m going to focus on her totally and see what special things we can do for the next 3 days. We’ve boiled some eggs and have painted them and used tons of glitter glue to decorate. We’ll see how the morning unfolds.

I’m very excited for Raghu but miss him already.

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