Lots of experiences

I am very overdue on writing down our recent journeys. Traveling, water issues in the city, being home-bound due to a virulent H1N1 pandemic in Pune, being a playmate non-stop to Zoya etc have been factors that have kept me from writing and posting photos. Some of what happened or is going on…

The kids have been really going for cold store bought soda (coke etc)… so i decided to see if we could make it in a way that avoids store-bought types. So we bought a few bottles of plain soda. The kids mix it up with different concentrates or home-made syrups. We’ve done lemony fizz, Ribena-soda, Ginger-fizz and others. Occasionally the kids still do ask for Coke/Pepsi etc. But for the most part they have been happy with the new versions. Cheaper and fun concoctions for the kids.

Raghu and Z enjoyed climbing a hill behind our house recently… its not accessible easily… and I felt nervous about taking the kids alone on a monsoon-drenched hill. So all 4 of us went. Raghu and Z were very keen on reaching the top.. but we did not feel confident about making it back down the steeper parts before dark. So we stopped half way and rested like goats on a tiny ledge. We were admiring moss and other little carpet-like plants when we suddenly saw a double rainbow!! It was an amazing sight… the kids were so thrilled. We took tons of pics… and i will put them up some day soon.

Raghu has been enjoying the internet in all its cartoon-gaming glory. Zoya misses him during these longish computer spells… she is not able to play alongside yet. But she ends up playing a lot more with me and some friends in our complex… or with our helper… whom she has taken a liking to.

Often i ask Raghu to take a break and come hang out with us… which the dear boy does often enough. Last evening during one such break we all played pictionary and had a blast. Raghu can read fairly competently when there is no time limit or tiny-screen-lettering… so he was very thrilled to be able to do his turns by himself…. although in the end Ravi and he teamed up and created chaos. No one won… we just sort of kept making wild guesses while the other drew and then laughed till our tummies hurt.

Raghu and Z have been making mobiles with me… mostly because Raghu has hurt his eye (some UFO landed in his eye and has been bothering him)… and he loves the hot-glue-gun… so we made a monster out of wood-craft peices that were supposed to become a spider and an aeroplane. It turned out beautifully grotesque 🙂

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