In my Dharwad trip post i forgot to mention how Z ended up enjoying the scooters and motorbikes. Initially she would only sit on one if the bike was stationary. Thats her in the initial stages. by the end of that one day she was riding behind Ravi on a motorbike and refusing to get off. She takes her time with new things… warming up slowly. Everytime i hear someone forcing a child to swim, bicycle, try something new… i cringe… its an inbuilt safety mechanism in the child that will stand them in good stead… that we mess with. eventually they all learn to swim and bike and read etc.

Raghu and Zoya were having a long bath when all of a sudden i heard raghu yell and scream in his “i’m the most ferocious alien etc..” So i ran to see whether Zoya was safe 😉 I saw raghu slathered in shaving foam… except for the armpits…which he and Z forgot…. front and back white as snow… and R yelling “I’m GOOP” Please pull out your Blueberries and google “ben 10 goop”. Live and learn. I was given a tutorial on the character that is Goop – a good guy.

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