The biggest challenges in RU’ing for me and Ravi have been learning to parent peacefully, to be fully present in the moment and seeing the shine in each of us all the time. Sad huh? These should have been the easiest. Anyway…. we became parents without truly understanding how to be with children. Glad we are figuring it out and working on our path.

Funnily we never discuss if the kids are learning. Why? Well its so, so obvious to us. Learning is like breathing… you don’t teach it to kids. Its natural to ask questions if you need an answer and otherwise natural to just live and experiment and ‘do’… and hence learn.

We don’t divy up the kids’ activities into subjects or think… cool now he’s doing math. Instead we see it as ‘cool… he discovered addition as a means to an end’ even as he worked on some lego creation. The word Toys is used in a not-so-serious way. But they are only things. Things that children use to learn. Things like paper, color, books, work tools etc… all are just things. Everything is used for a purpose. So it does not make sense to divy up and say toys are less than a book.

The characters in a fav show, the conversation about mirrors in the elevator, the intense emotions you feel as you leave a friend, the 1/2 cup of flour you measure out for baking, the strong words exchanged over a toy, the food you eat, the airplane ride, etc… everything leads to something. There is no line dividing up the day. No bell and no authoritative voice telling you that you need to learn. Just making choices and doing. Everything is connected and overlaps during our conversations. So we see the water-cycle-aspect in so many aspects of our world/daily life.

In Zoya’s case… there is an intense need to label everything… “what that called?”, a need to paint everything near her when there is paint in front of her, a need to jump and do flips and other tricks, etc. In Raghu’s case… an intense need to make sense of large and larger numbers, geographic distance, time lines, pedaling as fast as is possible, etc…

These needs cause the learning.

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