More Lego

Today Raghu browsed the Lego website all by himself. I was sleep deprived and trying to clean up 15 days worth of dust (this is one heck of a dusty place) so that we would not sneeze every time we moved something. We just returned from the trip to my parents in Bangalore. So i was unavailable mentally and physically. Z was sleep walking around the house and hence i could not ignore her either.

Anyway… Raghu called me to see a brief 15 sec clip of a new Bionicles product video online. Not sure how he managed to figure out the site… he is rarely online or even on the computer. After about an hour or so he walks over for some lunch and there in his hand is a miniature, almost identical replica of the Bionicle-flying-machine he’d shown me earlier. He’d improvised with motors from the aeroplane, batman’s vehicle-slinger-thingy and some other random pieces… that when put together in a particular way really looked like it.

His attention to detail and interest in motors, electricity, Lego creations of ideas he has etc. has been a pleasure to watch. It makes me aware of the sheer sense in doing/learning about that which interests us vs. that which somebody thinks we ought to know. Thru his Lego inclinations he touches upon math, history, spatial thinking, diagrams, verbal descriptions of his creations, and much more. Which class lesson can make that claim to fame?

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