Google Reader

I just discovered Google Reader due to links sent by my well meaning, helpful cousin… but who has inadvertently scared me off completely… and did i say i’m scared?

Well immediately there were about 20 messages/input in my google reader inbox (if that is what its called) from my cousin (mentioned above) and a b-i-l. I mean 20?? and how and when did my inbox accept them as people who’s stuff/collections i’d like to read? No offense.. lovely to read what you are reading. And then of course as I’m scrolling thru and wondering how and when and where these articles/essays/fwds came to be… i see sandra dodd’s link on the side bar labled as something google thinks i’d like to see. Well then i had to click on her name and sure enough i had another 100 in my inbox. Now if only i can get about 15 spare man and brain hours… i will tackle my tech/online inadequacy and also actually read some of the entries. (some of Sandra’s were giving me so much food for thought… i had to physically push my had towards the close window button!)

Mostly i can barely keep up with folks online. My eyes tire easily and so does the reading/absorption part of my brain. But my mouth adn ears don’t tire… i almost wish someone would start a news channel on unschooling… and the news flashes would include blurbs from differnt blogs etc… So while i’ve happened upon blog after blog of lovely unschooling info, amazing sites like Sandra’s, Joyce’s and others plus a million groups with real-live solutions/advice/ideas/thoughts percolating non-stop….. I just am unable to take it all in.

So i’m going to go sit with Raghu and watch Winnie the Pooh for the n’th time and laugh with him (and watch side ways to see his expressions 🙂 and also tinker with lego on a tray.

As i write this… i wonder if i better make time to see the google reader help page… and get a better grip on what a reader is and on my rising anxiety about my online-inadequacies.

okay… off to sit with Raghu and laugh.

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