Raghu told me to guess who he was… this led me to the usual… superman, tinman, lion etc… i guess he was a dinasaur… and when I finally guessed it… he immediately denied it and said “Main Bhagwaan hoon” LOL

We were in the LRT riding along and doing the usual chit chat when he started to read the name of one of the stations… “phoenix”. He read it with a literal ph sound. When i mentioned that it was pronounced “f” (he likes our reading involvement and hence i profer the correct pronouncements) he said “just like in coelophysis” I was stunned. he noticed the spelling of coelophysis enought o make the direct comparison.

Raghu has begun to truly look out for Z when he’s not totally goofing off… meaning the other day on the playgroud… he was trying to help Z do everything… and was keen to make sure that she did not fall.

Raghu is so into reading whatever catches his fancy that he will sometimes scare the living daylights out of me by reading words while riding escalators!!! Given that his center of gravity is a bit on the move even while he is stationary this no doubt makes me nuts. So i’ve taken to holding his hand again… as he can’t help himself… cracking the reading code makes him happy 🙂

Zoya says sorry!! really… anytime something falls or if she is scolded for being too aggressive or is dropping things… then she’ll say “sollee” No doubt a lot of words she says are due to Raghu’s influence. She started saying “Look at that” and “Hello-Bye” and “Waavoo (raghu)” and other cutesy stuff. We talk normal with her mostly but there are times when i feel like calling raghu Waavooo myself 🙂 Raghu said there are many ways to count to 10… 5+5, 2+8 and 6+4. yahoo for unschooling and things that make sense.

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